Monday, August 10, 2009

Fellow Followers

Dear followers,

Sorry for the super duper late update

I've been wandering around lately.

So I've decided to make tutorials on videos instead of pictures, which is much more easier work for me ^^


But i will still update this blog~thanks for supportin all this while


A NEW VIDEO bout Emo/Punk makeup ENJOY :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

late update

Hey guys

sorry for the late update =O

My cam was "stolen" by my brother XD

so i cant take any pics

but yea i will update :)

Gonna start my own youtube channel on tutorials


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Easy Retouch!

This is my old pair of shoes I bought from Malaysia, it actually had 2 ribbons infront but then it gost lost, LOL~so i washed & cleaned it. This is seriously a "all of a sudden" tutorial. So I didn't get any ingredients from stores but just stuff from my house^^
1. Get a new pair/old shoes for yourself!
2.Can be any kind of shoes~depends on what you like, but if you wanna follow my tutorial, it'll be better to use a pair of shoes which looks like mine (:
3. Aaaa the old stucked on glue, ugly~need to cover that up later!
4. GEMS are optional, I got these from the dollar store. GEMS are just to accessorise. It is optional but it's also OK if you want to add some gems on for BLINGS! But not too many!
[I didnt use any GEMS for this tutorial]
5. Lace! This is the type of lace I used~I bought 1meter long
but half a meter would be long enough for this tutorial (:
6. Tie the lace into the shape of a bow aka ribbon
That's really simple and easy ^^ Just a simple bow/ribbon!
7. Get ready a needle and tread, we need some sewing here!
Use a tread which the colour is close with your lace/shoe
8. Sew the ribbon onto your shoe~
[Sorry I totally forgotten to take picture of it, geeez]
Voila! It's done ^^ Looks brand new? LoL
Still looks brand new right? hehe
hope this tutorial helps (:
simple quick and easy!
It only took me 15-20mins for the process

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Make-Up Review

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get rid of pimples!

i used myself as a model, well eeeeyah
eventhough my skin is not perfect! LoL
so here's how, a natural remedy to get rid of pimples
by drinking FRESH JUICE
within 3months time, pimples will be cleared (:
*well if pimples doesn't clear off, i don't know what's wrong*
i've personally tried this remedy, my mom taught me
it's really easy! make sure to follow these steps for greater results (:


PINEAPPLE-canned/fresh,prefer fresh instead of artificial sweetener

It's really easy right? Just 5 fruits n vegetables
and those are really cheap items as well (:
If you are doing one person's serving, just use 1 each
Eg: You can use the whole apple for 1 person's serving
Pineapple, Carrots and Celery depends on the amount you want to put
It doesn't really matter as long as you balance it
Not too many of each
1. Chop the ingredients into small pieces
[not too big/small, just the right size for blending in the bleding machine]
2. Put all the ingredients into the blending machine
[it is better to get more of the natural juice]
4. Blend everything til you're satisfied
[but don't blend too long, it'll destroy the natural vitamins]
5. Pour it out and drink
[it is also good to eat the leftover chunks, but you can discard those as well and just leave the juice]
[so that the juice is easily absorbed into an empty stomach]
take this as a regular snack, you'll see the results (:
my mom told me that this technique actually helps to clean and clear the body toxins and washes out the dumps inside the body
Basically no side effects, unless you are allergic to those ingredients
hope this helps you guys (:
any questions do not hesitate to ask

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rina-Sakura make-up

Rina Sakura, Japanese magazine AGEHA小恶魔 model

Firstly, do your eyebrows! Make sure the colour of your eyebrows
are the same with the colour of your hair! ^_^

You may need:
-dark brown eyeshadow
-lighter brown eyeshadow
-black eyeshadow
-white eyeshadow
-other brown colours as favored
1. Use a brown eyeshadow, brush onto your lids
2. Use the same colour and brush onto your lower lids
Don't brush too much, it'll look as if someone just punched your eyes xD
3. Use a darker brown eyeshadow, brush onto your eyelids
(brush near the roots of your eyelashes)

4. Next, use black eyeshadow and make a small line on your eyelids
It's better to use an eyeliner so it stands-out more. Draw a thick line
(not too much, just enough to stand out will be good)
5. Left eye: with eyeliner
Right eye: draw on your lower lids as well

6. Left eye: with eyeliners
Right eye: Curl your eyelashes

7. Mascara: Shiseido MAJOLICA mascara from Japan
Brush on mascara, in a zig-zag way
8. Apply mascara on bottom lashes too
Left eye: Without bottom mascara
Right eye: With bottom mascara
9. The most important of all
Put on fake eyelashes ^_^
After having fake eyelashes on, curl your lashes again!

10. Left eye: Without fake eyelashes
Right eye: With fake eyelashes
*this is optional*
11. Pint point! Wanna make your nose look like as if there's a bridge?
Brush on little brown eyeshadow onto both places in the left picture
Blend it well-use a highlighter/white eyeshadow brush on the bridge
and voila~^_^

12. Put on your favorite lip-gloss ^_^
Don't put on too much, you want your eyes to stand-out more right?
Choose a colour which is closest to your natural colour
*hope you like this make-up*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prom Is IN!

are you ready for this year's PROM NIGHT?
YES ladies! It'll be your night to shine =)
MUST get a gorgeous dress which fits you well
Here are some samples of dresses I found,
which some of them are my list of favorites.

i already got my prom dress on Monday =)
really happy about it.
it somehow looks like the red dress in the picture above ^
just a little bit, not identical. =P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aspirin Mask

Do you know that Aspirin can be used as a
facial mask to reduce the redness on your face?
haha~ it actually works! =]
get a box of Aspirin, the one i bought looks like
this. There are other brands as well
Make sure you buy the uncoated one
This is ensure that the tablets dissolve easily

take 2-3 tablets[it'll be enough to cover your entire face]
a little bit of honey, 1-2 teaspoons
if you are allergic to honey, try using aloe vera
or just only aspirin
honey n aloe vera makes the face smoother =]
place the tablets onto a plate
add 1-3 teaspoons of water
set it for awhile and wait til it dissolves
when it dissolves, it looks like this
mix it together with the honey

the aspirin i bought is the tablet kind,
after it dissolves it looks like this
somewhat like a facial scrub, good for exfloliation
if you get the powdered aspirin, it'll be like a paste
rub aspirin onto your face and coat it evenly
leave your face for 15 minutes
rinse face off with water water and damp dry
apply a good facial cream
i used OLAY
goodluck, and hope it works for you =]
*any allergy or negative symtoms occur to skin is not responsibled by me*
For further details about Aspirin mask, please visit this website: