Sunday, July 5, 2009

Easy Retouch!

This is my old pair of shoes I bought from Malaysia, it actually had 2 ribbons infront but then it gost lost, LOL~so i washed & cleaned it. This is seriously a "all of a sudden" tutorial. So I didn't get any ingredients from stores but just stuff from my house^^
1. Get a new pair/old shoes for yourself!
2.Can be any kind of shoes~depends on what you like, but if you wanna follow my tutorial, it'll be better to use a pair of shoes which looks like mine (:
3. Aaaa the old stucked on glue, ugly~need to cover that up later!
4. GEMS are optional, I got these from the dollar store. GEMS are just to accessorise. It is optional but it's also OK if you want to add some gems on for BLINGS! But not too many!
[I didnt use any GEMS for this tutorial]
5. Lace! This is the type of lace I used~I bought 1meter long
but half a meter would be long enough for this tutorial (:
6. Tie the lace into the shape of a bow aka ribbon
That's really simple and easy ^^ Just a simple bow/ribbon!
7. Get ready a needle and tread, we need some sewing here!
Use a tread which the colour is close with your lace/shoe
8. Sew the ribbon onto your shoe~
[Sorry I totally forgotten to take picture of it, geeez]
Voila! It's done ^^ Looks brand new? LoL
Still looks brand new right? hehe
hope this tutorial helps (:
simple quick and easy!
It only took me 15-20mins for the process