Monday, March 23, 2009


Brush dark brown eyeshadow onto outer eyelids
Brush tangerine/orange colour eyeshadow onto eyelids.
Blend well with the dark brown eyeshadow

Use gold eyeshadow and dap it onto your eyelid. Don't
add too much. Blend well with the other previous colours.

Use a black eyeshadow and make a line near your lashes
Smudge the black eyeshadow and blend it well. This creates
a sort of smokey eye effect. Next, use an eyeliner and draw a thin line.
Curl your lashes! Mascara used- Maybelline Colossium
Brush on mascara as many layers as desired. I only brush on one layer

Eye with mascara. Next, use an eyeliner and draw your lower lids
Not too thick/thin. Just enough to make your eyes pop!

Add on mascara onto lower lashes.
You can brush on as many layers as you like :)

TOP PICTURE: Without Fake Eyelashes
BOTTOM PICTURE: With Fake Eyelashes

Lipstick! Click to enlarge image! :)
Lips before and makes so much difference! LOL

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