Sunday, March 29, 2009

Natural Make-Up

This is my way of doing my natural make-up

Use golden yellow eyeshadow and apply it onto eyelids

Use dark-brown eyeshadow and apply onto outer corner
Blend in with the previous eyeshadow to form contrast

Use an eyeliner and draw onto eyelids
Make sure it's a really thin line. This is just
to give a stand-out look for your eyes
Mascara: Majolica Shiseido
Curl your eyelashes
Brush on mascara. I only applied 1 layer for this make-up
But it is your choice for the amount of layers you want to apply.
Apply mascara onto your lower lashes

Blush! Can't miss this out! Say cheese! =D
Smile and brush your blusher onto cheeks
Use a pearl pen and draw onto to bone line
(just to enhance your overall look)
Lipgloss~Very important =D
Lipgloss i used is sort of purplish colour

click to enlarge image! =)
Natural make-up
Hope it helps!


  1. This natural make up look is nice ~ Im gonna try it!! haha XD ~ keep it up ya, update more..