Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sherry Berry

want to get this make-up?

Great for parties, prom-night and others =)
this make-up is named after Sheryl Ann
she wanted me to do a Blue n Pink Eyeshadow make-up
so..I've tried..LOL

the result under natural sunlight

with fake eyelashes
without fake eyelashes

Choose one which is closer to your natural
lip colour. Don't apply too much onto your lips!
You wouldn't want to make your overall look too heavy right?
have fun~


  1. sis :)
    what's the brand of your eye shadows? thanks

  2. hi sis~ :)

    it's Manly,
    picture is shown at right-hand side "Product of the Month" >>>>
    together with the about me column

  3. Michiko ~ where'd u get that eye shadow pallette? I wan it too.. =D thnx

  4. vivi~ i got it from my friend~
    she got it from online

    u can try check eBay
    they have lots of them there =D

    type in 120 eyeshadow palette

  5. okay!! thankx for the info ~ keep updating yo. I'd love to see all those facial stuff ..