Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rina-Sakura make-up

Rina Sakura, Japanese magazine AGEHA小恶魔 model

Firstly, do your eyebrows! Make sure the colour of your eyebrows
are the same with the colour of your hair! ^_^

You may need:
-dark brown eyeshadow
-lighter brown eyeshadow
-black eyeshadow
-white eyeshadow
-other brown colours as favored
1. Use a brown eyeshadow, brush onto your lids
2. Use the same colour and brush onto your lower lids
Don't brush too much, it'll look as if someone just punched your eyes xD
3. Use a darker brown eyeshadow, brush onto your eyelids
(brush near the roots of your eyelashes)

4. Next, use black eyeshadow and make a small line on your eyelids
It's better to use an eyeliner so it stands-out more. Draw a thick line
(not too much, just enough to stand out will be good)
5. Left eye: with eyeliner
Right eye: draw on your lower lids as well

6. Left eye: with eyeliners
Right eye: Curl your eyelashes

7. Mascara: Shiseido MAJOLICA mascara from Japan
Brush on mascara, in a zig-zag way
8. Apply mascara on bottom lashes too
Left eye: Without bottom mascara
Right eye: With bottom mascara
9. The most important of all
Put on fake eyelashes ^_^
After having fake eyelashes on, curl your lashes again!

10. Left eye: Without fake eyelashes
Right eye: With fake eyelashes
*this is optional*
11. Pint point! Wanna make your nose look like as if there's a bridge?
Brush on little brown eyeshadow onto both places in the left picture
Blend it well-use a highlighter/white eyeshadow brush on the bridge
and voila~^_^

12. Put on your favorite lip-gloss ^_^
Don't put on too much, you want your eyes to stand-out more right?
Choose a colour which is closest to your natural colour
*hope you like this make-up*

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  1. cool~ i love it. you just gave me idea of what should i do with my 88colour pallete ^^