Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to have full sexy lips?

Have thin lips and want to achieve that luscious full lips?
Tired of those expensive lip plumbing effect lip-gloss which is costly and somewhat hurts your lips after you apply it?

Just follow these easy steps

Firstly, you may need these cosmetic products

1) BB Cream
[or you can use foundation, but i suggest you to moisturize your lips before applying. You may also use a nude lip colour]
Why use nude lip colour?
A: Nude lip colour lightens the colour of your original lips and therefore it somewhat appears to be more obvious

2) A transparent lip-gloss or any light colour lip-gloss you want
[i used Maybelline's 410, forgotten the name, sorry]
Why use this type of lip-gloss?
A: Well this is to focus the middle section of your lips. The shiny lip-gloss effect shows a somewhat pop-out effect. It helps to bring out your lips more by just applying on the middle section

3) A nude lip-gloss or lip-stick. It's up to you (:

So here we go..

First of all..
-Apply BB cream or a nude lip colour to your lips

-Use the transparent lip-gloss and apply ONLY at the middle section of your lips
see the picture below...

Apply the lip-gloss onto the circled part. Like show in the picture
DO NOT APPLY transparent lip-gloss onto whole lips
this may cause the lips to look "too wet" and may look like you had fried chicken without cleaning your mouth after. lol

That's it
It's simple and easy
Try it (:
I'm sure it'll work well


  1. Hey I just followed. Nice post, I'm gonna try this out. Also I like the background music haha

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  2. You have pretty face^ ^ I think I will someday try this :33