Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review on D.I.Y face mask

-Extra virgin olive oil
-Brown sugar
-Tea leaves

extra virgin olive oil
helps moisturize your face and leave your face moisturized all day long

brown sugar
couldn't find any nutritional benefits from it, but it's naturally made from sugar cane. (I think!)
Well if anyone out there have some infos about it, don't hesitate to let me know (:

Tea leaves
helps slough off dried skin, leave you deodorized and have radiant looking skin
Green Tea Leaves
can use them to clear off your acnes!

Mix all ingredients together
leave on face for 15-20minutes
after that use your hands and scrub it lightly in circular motions

I did this mask while i was having a bubble bath so that the steam from the water may open up my pores which may also benefit our skin from absorbing more vitamins provided from our D.I.Y mask! (:

after that, rinse off and apply some facial care product

My thought for this mask...
It's actually a pretty good mask, my face really did feel moisturized from the extra virgin olive oil. I've found that my dead skin cells were lesser. And my face feels bouncy. LOL Which means it feels youthful I guess?

The only negative thing about this mask is that it's messy. The solid sugar and tea leaves may clot up together pieces which makes them fall out from your face when apply

So becareful when you apply. Spread them all around, coat your face evenly! (:

Good luck and have fun


  1. Hi fellow Torontonian, happened to come across your blog and I love it. Hope you have a magical weekend, take care! xoxo

  2. hi!

    thanks for the new mask recipe!

    will try it out once i got all the ingredients!


  3. Hey it's me aggy ^_^
    I totally love this mask recipe and hope to try it out this weekend~ what a fun way to try pampering my face? :) Your web page is so preety, and I love how you put up simple and clear suggestions and ideas that are both girly and fun too <3! I hope you'll update again soon :) Ttyl~

  4. This is a great DIY mask! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. thank you for sharing! i usually get my beauty diary mask because its not messy at all but will give this one a try :D

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